Sunday, September 28, 2008

Man Arrested for Oxycontin, Gives 32 Aliases

Recently, a man was arrested for speeding along Interstate 90. As the Mower County Sheriff’s Office deputy inspected the car, he found large quantities of oxycontin as well as other prescription drugs. As he was investigating the man regarding the man's identity, he was given 32 aliases as well as 5 date-of-births until the man's identity was verified as a 57-year-old man of Milwaukee, Wis.

This news may sound funny but the case is serious and is a result of oxycontin abuse. He most certainly didn't know what he was doing anymore and it is very sad indeed. Lives are destroyed and wasted because of a silly addiction.

If you're not using oxycontin or other painkillers, better to stay away from those. Your life is worth more than just a funny news article.


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