Monday, September 15, 2008

Remoxy, The Substitute

Recently, there has been word about a new "abuse-resistant" formulation of the widely prescribed opioid pain medication OxyContin. It is widely known that Oxycontin is addictive and is widely abused. Oxycontin abusers have found several ways to bypass the drug's time controlled release mechanism.

This new drug, Remoxy, is said to be impervious to what abusers do to bypass Oxycontin and in other words, Remoxy is designed to thwart those tactics, depriving the user of the quick high he or she seeks.

Remoxy still has to be approved though. But one thing I know, it will most probably be a wait and see period since abusers are known to find ways. Hopefully, Remoxy can deliver on it's promise for all the lives at stake.


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