Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FDA Sued by Attorney General over Oxycontin

A 4-year-old citizen petition seeking stronger warnings related to OxyContin has lead the Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, to sue the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) in attempts to lead them to action.

Abuse of prescription drugs such as OxyContin has disputedly become the greatest drug threat of the nation. Inaction on the part of the FDA is tragically disappointing and could be causing unnecessary death and drug addiction, which leads to many other problems.

"The FDA has irresponsibly and illegally ignored the clear need for warnings about OxyContin prescription practices that promote abuse and addiction," Blumenthal said. "... After four years of proven dosing dangers and Purdue Pharma criminal convictions, the FDA seems in denial... We now need to resort to a court order to force the FDA to take action to warn and protect patients."

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