Sunday, October 12, 2008

Todays Generation: Generation Rx

According to a study, around 1 out of 5 teenagers has taken a prescription painkiller such as oxycontin to get high. In fact, the study found that the abuse of prescription painkillers was higher than the abuse of many other illegal drugs including cocaine, crack, Ecstasy, LSD or heroin.

These teens are not aware of the dangers that they are getting themselves into. Here are a few reasons why they prefer these prescription drugs as an alternative to street drugs.

  • Close to half of all teens believe using prescription medications to get high is "much safer" than street drugs.
  • Close to one-third say prescription painkillers are not addictive.
  • When teens were asked why prescription medicine abuse was increasing, "ease of access" was cited as a major factor. The majority cited parents' medicine cabinets, and/or medicine cabinets in the homes of friends, as major access points.
This is a time when we should be more careful with the drugs that we have in our homes. If we can try more natural methods of healing, we won't have to have drugs at home that our children can abuse.


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