Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Reasons Not To Take Oxycontin

We already know a lot of side effects related to taking oxycontin but it seems that we just keep finding more. So, here's another list of side effects just for you.

Taking Habit Forming Drugs
Misuse or Excessive Use of Drugs
Epileptic Seizure
Slow Heartbeat
Abnormal Heart Rhythm
Abnormally Low Blood Pressure
Asthma Attack
Significant Decrease in Lung Function
Chronic Lung or Breathing Passage Problem
Stomach or Intestinal Tract Operation
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Liver Problems
Disease of the Gallbladder
Spasm of a Bile Duct Tract
Urinary Tract Surgery
Kidney Disease
Narrowing of the Tube that Empties Urine From the Bladder, Enlarged Prostate
Severe Bloody Diarrhea from Antibiotics
Lesion of Brain
Abnormal Nervous System
Function Affecting Mental Alertness
Head Injury
Toxin from Microorganisms causing Diarrhea
Pressure Within the Skull
Underactive Thyroid
Intense Abdominal Pain
Addison's Disease
Mood Changes
Having Thoughts of Suicide


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